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Social Media Marketing: How I Generated Over €28,800 For A Dental Hygienist In 14 Days

“Can you help me? I need more clients”

This was exactly what a client of mine asked me. She used to have a big clientele, but nowadays her referrals slowed down.

Yes, that’s right. Her business mainly relied on referrals, which was fine at the time, but depending on one source of traffic to your services is not a smart move. If the source dries up, you have a problem.

In this case study, I’m going to share with you 3 steps how I generated over €28,800  in sales for a dental hygienist in 14 days using paid advertising and social media marketing strategies. I’ll also show proof.

Well, let’s start

Who Is My Client?

My client is a dental hygienist in the Netherlands. Even though the potential profit margins aren’t as high as in the United States, it is still a lucrative niche.

How I generated €28,800 for a dental hygienist in 14 days (1)

She has been running her own dental practice for over 20 years and can be considered as a really experienced professional.

Her client acquisition was mainly focused on worth of mouth marketing and referrals from nearby dentists.

Unfortunately, the influx of new clients slowly went downhill, because she noticed that fewer dentists were referring leads to her business.

And fewer clients means less revenue as well.

She had been doing some traditional marketing in the past, for instance, distributing flyers door to door, etc, but never attempted to use digital marketing to bring in more leads for her business.

Of course, she knew about Facebook and Google ads, but she never tried it, because she thought it was too complex and didn’t have time to learn everything.

And I completely understand that.

Knowing all the strategies behind a profitable campaign does take you some time to learn and could be intensive if you want to accomplish this in a short time period.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the time it takes to optimize and maintain the campaign.

So I understand not all business owners are willing to concentrate on the marketing part of their business. They need to focus on what they are good at.

Because I’ve been doing digital marketing for a while now and run a boutique social media marketing agency, she approached me if we could work together.

Little did she know, I would make her a lot of money. Well, at least she didn’t expect it would be that much in that timeframe.

All right, let me show you the steps that made it a successful campaign.

The 3 Steps That Made My Client €28,800 Using Social Media Marketing

1. I Built Her A Professional Looking And Modern Website That Was Optimized For Conversions

wordpress website and messenger marketing chatbot

After learning about her ideal customers, I built her a new professional website with the right call-to-actions and an interactive chatbot to increase conversions and customer care.

One of my first experiences with digital marketing was web design. After I hired a web designer that didn’t deliver what he promised I was determined that I had never to rely on a 3rd party concerning website creation.

I spent hours and hours educating myself on how to build beautiful looking websites and gained a new skill.

Last year, messenger marketing really became a huge trend and a lot of businesses saw the potential of having a chatbot that saves tons of time, relieves their customer service and also acts as a virtual salesman.

After I studied that part of marketing as well, I was able to build smooth working chatbots for businesses.

So, now she got a brand new website and a chatbot, both improved her professional image dramatically.

2. I Created A Couple Of Visuals, Wrote A Persuasive Ad Copy And Craft An Offer

social media marketing facebook advertentie dental dentist

Next, I went to her office and took a couple of pictures that functioned as the visuals (photo or video).

In order to achieve the best results, you need to think of 3 elements:

  • You need a persuasive ad copy
  • attention-grabbing visuals
  • and a beast of an offer.

If one of these elements fails, you’ll quickly notice that your results aren’t as great as you hoped for.

So I crafted a persuasive ad copy that included common marketing tricks and got to showcase her business in a local event for extra outreach.

Lastly, the offer.

I suggested a couple offers she would feel comfortable with. Personally, I’m open to high-risk solutions for a quality long-term pay-off, but we decided to play it safe and focused on sustainable relationship-growth.

3. I Created An Opt-in And Thank You Page

When you want to send traffic to a particular offer, it is really important to send your potential leads to a specific page where they can enter their details if they are interested in the offer.

In case they don’t buy your service or product right away, you can always follow up using email marketing, messenger marketing or even call them.

This specific page is called an opt-in page or bridge page.

A quick Google Search shows that creating these types of opt-in pages is not hard to do. For instance, a software company that specializes in building sales funnels and opt-in pages is ClickFunnels. 

They ease the process of creating good looking and high converting bridge pages through drag and drop. In case you want to know more about that, they offer a 14-day free trial.

Normally, I go with ClickFunnels, but sometimes I’d like to do it a bit differently. This time I used the Facebook Lead Form.

The benefits are:

  • the speed of signing up for the offer (name, email and phone number are already shown because it’s autogenerated by Facebook);
  • it’s more trustworthy because they use the same platform which is Facebook;
  • it takes less time to craft an opt-in page

The downsides are:

  • it’s less customizable;
  • most of the time a bit lower quality leads, because it’s so quick to sign up, they sometimes don’t check if they entered their correct email;
  • not authentic and brandable

I’m always an advocate of testing what works and what doesn’t. In some cases, you will get better results using ClickFunnels and in other cases, a Facebook Lead Form will do the job better.

By the way, ClickFunnels doesn’t only help you building opt-in pages, they offer a lot more!

The Results

Here’s the most important part: the results.

So, after 7 hours, we collected 4 leads for about €4 each. And after 2 weeks, we generated 58 leads.

fb ads results after 7 hour case study dentist dental

At the moment of writing this, we’re split-testing advertisement strategies and lowered the cost per lead with 50% to around €2 each.

As mentioned earlier, the dental industry (also in the Netherlands) is quite a lucrative niche, as the customer lifetime value is really high.

One patient in a dental hygienist clinic is worth about €180 a year. On average, a patient stays with their dentist or dental hygienist for about 15-20 years.

The customer lifetime value for one patient thus grows to around €3600.

In the first 14 days, 8 people have become a patient, which means the potential revenue is yet €28,800.

fb ads case study dental dentist

The client follows up all the leads that are coming in and sets up new appointments.

Note to say, there’s a reasonable chance that a couple of leads bring family with them, which would lead to more revenue.

Simple math shows that the total potential revenue (€28,800) minus the total costs (€287.11) equals a potential profit of €28,512.89.

The potential return on investment would be €28,800 – €287,11 / 287,11 x 100% = 9,930%

Even if we say that a patient does switch to a competitor after 10 years, instead of the average 20 years, the potential return on investment would be €14,400 – €287.11 / €287.11 x 100% = 4,916%

The direct return on investment in two weeks is 8 x 180 = €1,440 – €287,11 / €287.11 x 100% = 492%

Again, we haven’t included other family members that would become a patient as well.

That means for every euro we invest in paid ads, we get almost €5 back.

Well, the client is happy and doesn’t need to rely on referrals anymore. When you’re using digital marketing properly it’s possible to get dozens or hundreds of leads daily with predictability.

What Are The Next Steps?

Just like my client, I’m satisfied with the results, but now it’s my job to optimize the ads and make sure that the ads stay fresh and lower the cost per lead.

fb ads splittesting case study dentist dental social media marketing

The pixel was completely new and didn’t collect any data yet. On top of that, we solely used cold traffic and didn’t implement any retargeting, which will lower the CLP (cost per lead) and increase conversions.

If you have any questions or if you have a business and need help to grow your outreach and customer-base through social media marketing, schedule a FREE discovery call: Click here to schedule.

Let’s get more clients and grow that business!

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