Hey there, this is Giorgio. For the people that don’t know me, I am born and raised in Amsterdam and have been an online entrepreneur since 2016.

It’s great to meet you.

Allow me to tell my story first, before I showcase you the roadmap.

At the age of 22, I had a strong feeling that having a corporate job isn’t my destiny in life, even though I was about to graduate cum laude in public law from the University of Amsterdam.  

The next year I indeed graduated with that distinction, but started some side hustles in the meantime.

That was one of the best decisions I’ve made. From that moment I didn’t rely on what the education system taught me and I had to educate myself

Even though I naturally had qualities to practice law and become a lawyer, this would not make me happy.

One of my side hustles was to make money online with affiliate marketing. Because I want to have freedom and create passive income, so I don’t trade money for my time anymore.

I decided to team up with a ‘friend’ (later more about this).

But I needed a website in order to pursue my plan. I got in contact with an acquaintance of mine who was a web designer, but it turned out he wasn’t that professional.

It took him almost a YEAR to build a simple website and it wasn’t even finished! Well, I was no web designer and had no clue if this was standard procedure.

So at one moment I fired that guy, but he wasted a lot of my time. This situation is common as an entrepreneur. It will test you in the beginning and check how far it can ‘punch you in the face’ so you can give up.

And there it was. The voice in your head everyone got after a failed project “Should you continue with this or quit”.

The last option was of course the easiest. But what would give me more satisfaction?

  1. Embark on a new journey, take massive risks and have a chance to live a life on my own terms.
  2. Get a 9-8 job (life of a lawyer…), live as a robot on automatic pilot and guessing how my life would look like at the age of 70 if I did take the opportunities.

So I chose for option 1. I don’t stop until I’ve become successful, which is having the freedom to do the hell you want and live life on your own terms.

But I still didn’t have a website.

I really didn’t like the fact that I relied on that web designer, so I educated myself how to build websites.

Investing in yourself is the best return on investments you can have.

Like Warren Buffet said:

“the very best investment you can make is one that “you can’t beat,” can’t be taxed and not even inflation can take away from you. Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself,”

warren buffet best investment

A couple of months later I developed a new skill and was able to build my own affiliate marketing website.

I couldn’t believe that I waited almost a year on a website I now can design myself in 2 days.

I kept building niche sites, monetized them, earned my first money online and enjoyed the process.

But I pursued more. My ‘friend’ approached me and wanted to start a sales business together.

The last time we worked together his input was almost nihil, but it was a good ‘friend’ of mine and had more knowledge of sales than affiliate marketing, so I gave him a second chance.

To cut a long story short, he scammed me and taught me an important lesson at the same time.

The lesson was: pick your friends wisely.

Who really want you to see you succeed and who want to take advantage of your knowledge and drive.

After all, I got that sales business back and I’m still making money from it, so that’s positive.

In 2017 and 2018 I gained a lot of knowledge about online marketing, building websites, positive mindset. I watched hundreds of videos, read articles, blog posts, books and attended webinars about these topics.

People always told me I inspire them and have the ability to motivate them to not give up on whatever they’re striving for.

And that’s true, I like to help people get motivated so they can get the most out of their lifes and reach their full potential.

How cool would it be if the whole world can get my message and benefit from my life lessons?

So I built this website to share what I’ve learned in my journey to make each area of my life as masterful and successful as I can. It’s my aim to help you succeed and master the areas of your life where you feel you want to develop yourself.

This is what I recommend you do.

Step 1: Get The Right Mindset

The 4 pillars of a good life are health, wealth, love and happiness. I consistently create content around these topics. You would notice that you some areas are better developed than others.

That is normal, but make sure to keep striving toward improvement in ALL areas of your life, only then you can achieve an extraordinary life beyond your wildest imagination.

Step 2: Start An Online Business To Create Financial Freedom

We live in the digital age where a lot is possible. These days you can start your own online business for a couple of hundred dollars a year and in some cases completely for free.

It is easier than ever to start a business and earn some extra income. What I like the most about making money online is because of the scalability.

Think about it.

A physical store must close its doors in the late hours of the day. You don’t get customers so it is impossible to make sales.  

An online business is 24/7 accessible and when you know the exact blueprint, it will generate money completely passively.

9 Amazing Ways To make Money Online

In my FREE ebook, I outline 9 amazing ways to make money online. Every business suits different people. Find out which one is the best for you and maybe you’ll have an online business soon.

Step 3 Spend Time On Your Health

Remember I mentioned the 4 pillars of a good life were health, wealth, love and happiness.

Having an online business is fun, challenging and lucrative, but your health is the biggest asset you have. Always watch after your health. You can not run a business when you’re not feeling well.

I’m waking up at 05.45 every morning, put my shoes on and run intervals for 15 minutes. This will kick start my metabolism and reduces the risk of all kinds of health issues. Read more about my morning ritual.

Step 4: Invest In Yourself

Bruce Lee and Warren Buffet did not become symbols of success by dabbling. True mastery requires total commitment to doing whatever it takes to move from where you are, to where you want to be.

There’s no better way to master something than to invest in a training, mentor, or coach that can give you the very best strategies and principles to achieve your desired outcome.

I’ve created some FREE Courses to help you get started. Check them out now.

Thank You

I just want to finish by saying that I’m here for you not only as a guide along the path to success, but also as a friend.

I will continue to provide high-quality content and openly share my story.

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Thank you so much!


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