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Today is the day…

The date is 8-18-2018, what a beautiful moment to start my blog.

I’ve been grinding and working my ass off for the last 3-4 months to finally start blogging.

It was a lot of preparing and testing, because if I start, I want to do it good. So I designed this website myself, completely from scratch. No template or something like that, I can proudly say I own a custom and unique website. (I didn’t have any coding background. Do you want to know how I educated myself to build websites? Read it here.)

What topics am I going to write about?

There are a bunch of topics that I enjoy talking about: entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and self-devolpment. Throughout the years I discovered that I feel really satisfied if I help people to improve their self-esteem or to take action in order to do stuff they like (chasing their dreams).

Besides the motivation part I developed plenty of (digital marketing) skills last year and I feel that more people could learn these skills as well. These skills could help them grow their business, or if they are a beginner it could help them start a business.

Why do I start now?

To be honest, I regret not starting sooner with blogging. It was around 2014 that I heard of the concept blogging. I can remember that I read some articles back then, which stated that blogging was dead etc. So I just moved along and didn’t give it a shot.

After 3 years I saw more and more people really crushing it with blogging. Their blog opened so many doors, I couldn’t believe it.

Like I already mentioned, now I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding internet marketing. My goal is to openly share this with others and help them grow in the fields of health, wealth and happiness.

I think this is the right moment to embark on a new journey.

8-18-2018 what a great date, and for the cherry on top, I’m going to publish this post on 8 PM.

Talk soon,


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