How Would You Like To Work 1-1 With Me For 2 Full Months To Keep You Accountable, Give You An Over-Simplified Result Producing Plan To Follow And Help You Grow Your Business?

I am opening my coaching program to help a few ambitious people getting more out of their online business or personal brand.

Hey Go-Getter,     

If you don’t know me, my name is Giorgio and I’m from Amsterdam. I have a passion for helping people.

To be more specific, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and seeing others succeed regarding growing their (online) business or social awareness.

During my entrepreneurial journey I’ve gained a lot of expertise in the field of affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Facebook ads, sales funnels and website design. 

Currently, I run several affiliate marketing niche websites/blogs and a digital marketing agency. 

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been doing it all and am sure I can transform your life by becoming your personal coach and helping you start or improve your (online) business.

This is NOT your typical sales letter. As I write this, my intention is not to persuade you with fancy sales copy or by telling you that I have the newest “push button” system to make cash on autopilot or become an influencer overnight. I will be very straight forward with you with how all this works and how my clients get results.

These Are My Goals For YOU With My 1-1 Mentoring Program:

✅ Keep you accountable throughout the journey of implementing every strategy that I teach you.

✅ Answer any questions, doubts or concerns that you may have on a daily basis to make sure you don’t get stuck and waste your super valuable time.

✅ Help you avoid all the mistakes that I made throughout the journey that cost me well over $100,000. By avoiding these mistakes you will get results faster and you will investing your time on income producing activities.

✅ Keep you focused and on track. I won’t let you get distracted. I won’t let you start thinking about doing something else. When you go all in with my coaching you are making a commitment to YOU but to ME as well. I will make sure you stay on your lane.

As you can see, I really want you to become the best version of yourself, live life on your own terms and succeed

During the years I’ve received a lot of questions of people that needed my help. I noticed that people asked the same questions. I recognized a pattern. 

In other words, they kinda had the same problems…

Instead of replying the same messages over and over, I packaged all the valuable answers in a single 8 week program covering all these topics.

Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. Now I provide personalized coaching, so I can really focus on your specific problems. 

giorgiogd consulting

I’d like to introduce you to Program Magister

giorgiogd coaching consulting program

I offer a 100% personalized in-depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your exact life and business needs, for YOU to check-off on.

This program is highly personalized and customizable. 

It’s recommendend for those that are looking for new strategies and ideas to scale their business or personal brand to a higher level. 

What Can You Expect?

In our discovery call we go over all the problems you’re facing right now. This way I have a clear understanding of how I can help you best and I’m able to put together a personalized plan. In this program we dig deeper in specific areas of an online business model or personal development.

A Few areas I can help you with

✅ Affiliate Marketing: Promoting products and services to make a passive income

✅ Personal Branding: If you’re building your personal brand in ANY way and want to monetize it

✅ Mindset & Business Advice: Develop a powerful mindset that allows you to grow your business

✅ Self Help & Personal Development: Business is important but it is not everything. Sometimes you need to solve personal problems first in order to reach a higher level in business.

✅ Consulting: If you’re a coach or consultant and you’re looking to get more paying clients

If you KNOW you are on the edge of change and are ready to take the leap, then buckle up! Because when you invest in yourself, you will receive…

  • An in-depth 1:1 coaching plan for YOU to grow as a person and grow your business
  • 8 x 60 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 2 months through ZOOM video conferencing platform
  • All of our sessions recorded for you to keep, so you have lifetime access to them, anytime and anywhere.
  • Unlimited message and voice support so we can chat about any and all things relating to your journey, life, and business
  • Unlimited feedback and audits on anything relating to your business, including (but not limited to): Social Media, Website, Copywriting, Digital Product Development, Research, Ideas… We are in this 100% together!

Your Investment

Normal price

$3000 USD

Beta Program (2 open spots left)

$1997 USD

Or Monthly Payment Plan of $1100 USD for 2 months

Serious Inquiries Only. Your application will undergo a screening process and is subject to be declined. Thanks!

Imagine where your life could be 12 months from today. Often times we over estimate what we can achieve in a month, but under estimate how much can change in a year. If you want to finally create massive change in your life, I look forward to reading your application, Go-Getter!